Climb into a freshly made bed. Initially cool, then cosily warm – a truly wonderful and pleasant sensation. But only if the quality of the fabric is right. We place high expectations on our bed linen as well as on ourselves. Every day. You have our word. Renforcé, percale, flannel or satin, all are available from Lasa.

Good sleep does not take place only in bed, however. Restful bedrooms require an overall concept with an individual design. Colours, patterns and motifs. Printed or woven. We look forward to helping you choose from the wide range of available options.

Apropos individuality – those who make beds have a preferred fastening system. Whether buttons, zip or hotel fastening, we offer all available configurations.

Because people have different ways of sleeping well.






The textile group Lasa SA is one of the most important international cotton processors for the domestic market and the bathroom, kitchen, sauna and beach sectors. Lasa possesses state-of-the-art production machinery. All production processes are handled in-house, from the purchase of raw materials, through processing to logistics. Lasa also masters all interim processes with in-house competence centres: product design, spinning works, weaving works, dyeing works, processing and packaging. This unique constellation ensures reliability and quality.


Those who impose the highest standards on technology need qualified employees to monitor it. In other words: only specialists with long-standing experience in their field, who in addition to know-how have also developed finely honed sensibilities for the product and material, are properly able to master the technology. In Portugal, Lasa has a magic appeal to such passionate and committed professionals, who occupy all key positions. And Lasa is proud of them.